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Built in 2004, Hangzhou Singo Technology Co., Ltd. is a disciplinarity hi-tech company of Zhejiang University of Technology. It devotes itself to R&D and production of hi-tech products which give priority to material tester servo measurement and control system. Depending on its strong technical strength and extremely creative professional technical staff and managers, it aims at studying and developing internationally leading first-class and high-quality products.

Main products of the company include: electro-hydraulic servo  pressure tester, electro-hydraulic servo universal tester, electronic universal tester, pitch material tester and intelligent tensioning equipment. The products have been widely used in construction engineering material performance testing and building construction fields. The company designs and produces all products according to relevant national technical standards, carries out strict quality management system, and guarantees reliability and stability of products. Currently, products have reached the advanced level in China in terms of technology and come into service in large scale, winning users’ recognition and approval. So far, the company has set up long-term partnership with over 30 domestic tester manufacturers and the products spread all over the country. Since its foundation, Singo Company has focused on the latest technology in measurement and control technology field of Chinese and foreign testers. We combine lots of data with advanced technology and rich experience, continuously innovate and develop new products. We firmly believe communication with customers is of vital importance. We always listen to customers’ opinions seriously, meet their needs, and offer them with best solutions, thus to win their trust. That’s way we are always able to accurately and timely promote value-added products to meet customers’ changing needs. The main idea of operation philosophy of Singo Co., Ltd. is “Be people-oriented, give priority to technology, depend on innovation, and pursue excellence”.

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